Cillian Carroll
Graphic Designer

Cillian Carroll
Graphic Designer
︎Brooklyn, NYC

Selected Work

Pink Sedation
King Arthur Opera
Acre Farming
Sunday Forage
Motion Showreel

About me 

I am an Irish graphic designer, currently based in Brooklyn, NYC with a passion for playful image-making, motion design, and developing brand identities across print and digital.

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Solo Project
Image Making

King Arthur Opera

The idea behind my poster was to represent how the characters from the opera were emerging from the ruins and I created them to be imperfect and to look like they are made from the concrete as seen on stage and emerging from the rubble.

Visually I wanted to represent the relationship between Arthur and Emmeline and use the sword and rubble as a way to represent how the war / conflict is making things difficult in their attempt
to be together. The final poster was created using a mixture of photogrammetry, blender and illustrator.