Cillian Carroll
Graphic Designer

Cillian Carroll
Graphic Designer
︎Brooklyn, NYC

Selected Work

Pink Sedation
King Arthur Opera
Acre Farming
Sunday Forage
Motion Showreel

About me 

I am an Irish graphic designer, currently based in Brooklyn, NYC with a passion for playful image-making, motion design, and developing brand identities across print and digital.

Currently at Athletics NYC & previously at Red&Grey.

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King Arthur

RIAM Brief

Solo Project

The RIAM's 2022 production of King Arthur represents a reinterpretation and re-staging of the 1691 semi-opera by John Dryden and Henry Purcell. My poster design concept was centered on the portrayal of the opera's characters as they emerge from the ruins of the world around them, depicted as imperfect and constructed from concrete-like materials, reflecting the stage design.

Visually, I sought to convey the relationship between King Arthur and Emmeline, utilizing the sword and rubble as symbols of the conflict that impedes their union. The poster was created through a combination of photogrammetry, Blender, and Illustrator, utilizing a dynamic blend of techniques to achieve the desired aesthetic.