Cillian Carroll
Graphic Designer

Cillian Carroll
Graphic Designer
︎Brooklyn, NYC

Selected Work

Pink Sedation
King Arthur Opera
Acre Farming
Sunday Forage
Motion Showreel

About me 

I am an Irish graphic designer, currently based in Brooklyn, NYC with a passion for playful image-making, motion design, and developing brand identities across print and digital.

Currently at Athletics NYC & previously at Red&Grey.

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2022 - 2023
Below is a sample of some of the work I created while working with Red&Grey design studio 

Red&Grey are a creative agency in Dublin specialising in branding and design. During my time here I worked on projects for the following organisations and companies; NCAD, RTE, Branar Childrens Theatre, Terra Viva Farm Ibiza, An Post Ireland, The Creative Futures Academy and Ibec.


Terra Viva Ibiza, slow sustainable farming

The Consilience Project, kinetic logo animation

Pytch, childrens coding company icon system

NCAD open day ephemera 

Terra Viva Ibiza, slow sustainable farming illustration system.

Solstice Arts Centre, Poster design.