Cillian Carroll
Graphic Designer

Cillian Carroll
Graphic Designer
︎Brooklyn, NYC

Selected Work

Pink Sedation
King Arthur Opera
Acre Farming
Sunday Forage
One Last Dance
Motion Showreel

About me 

I am an Irish graphic designer with a passion for playful image-making, motion design, and developing brand identities.

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Grad Show


Solo Project
IDI Ireland Graduate Award Winner: Design for Digital

IDI Ireland Graduate Award Shortlist: Design for Sustainability
With the rise of concerns over pollution in industries such as the fashion industry, furniture industry and product design a new material that is versatile, sustainable and biodegradable with no catch is needed. In order to survive on this planet, we will need to transition to a circular economy rather than the current linear one. This project aims to look into a circular world whereby the extraordinary characteristics of fungi are utilised.

Hyphae aims to utilise the dynamic power of nature to produce materials that biodegrade and are made using minimal resources. Hyphae is a near-future speculative company that sells raw materials made from mycelium (mushrooms) such as textiles, construction materials and alternative 3D printing raw materials. Hyphae acts as more than just a brand of materials but as a community for those making beautiful things from the material to share ideas and creations to help reinforce the greatness of mycelium to new makers.