Cillian Carroll
Graphic Designer

Cillian Carroll
Graphic Designer
︎Brooklyn, NYC

Selected Work

Pink Sedation
King Arthur Opera
Acre Farming
Sunday Forage
One Last Dance
Motion Showreel

About me 

I am an Irish graphic designer with a passion for playful image-making, motion design, and developing brand identities.

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Pink Sedation

ISTD Entry

Solo Project

This project awarded me membership into the International Society of Typographic Designers. (ISTD)

For my ISTD publication, I aimed to investigate the utilization of Baker-Miller Pink and critically examine the outcomes of the seminal study that posits its calming and pacifying effects on human aggression and physical strength. I sought to delve into its implementation in penitentiary institutions, athletic locker rooms, and its endorsement by notable personalities. This publication synthesizes the accumulated empirical evidence and research on the colour over time.

The publication delves into the notion of a rosy utopia, where the wide dissemination of the hue pink fosters a more tranquil and amicable society.

Photo credits Angélique Stehli